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after Robert Webster's 1998 book, Chinese Numerology

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Determined from the numbers in the day of your birth added together, and the digits of the result similarly added together, repeating the process til you get either 11, 22, or a single digit number (but not zero).

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"Life Number" is derived from birthdate as in the above example and live computation. The possible life numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 22. Of these, the most special and rare are 11 and 22. Here are profiles (meanings?) of each of the numbers:

1. Independence - People with life number 1 need to learn to stand on their own two feet and achieve something. They begin dependent and move to independence, ultimately becoming pioneers, innovators, and leaders. People with life number 1 include Charlie Chaplin, Arthur C. Clark, Salvador Dali, Henry Ford, Sting, and George Washington.
2. Cooperation - People with life number 2 are able to make people feel at ease, are gracious, charming, and are wonderful hosts. Sensitive to the needs of others, they find it easy to make friends. Examplesa are Karen Carpenter, Art Garfunkel, Jacqueline Onassis, Rondald Regan, Andrew Lloyd Webber.
3. Self-Expression - People with life number 3 need to express themselves in some sort of way, ideally creatively, usually verbal skills; also singing, talking, writing. They are excellent conversationalists, enjoy expressing all the joys of life. Friendly, sociable, outgoing. Examples include John Belushi, Bill Cosby, Judy Garland, Alfred Hitchcock.
4. System, Order - People with life number 4 need to work hard to achieve their goals. Practical, reliable, concientious, well-organized, enjoy keeping to a routine, able to create order out of chaos, good with details, enjoy fine complicated tasks, inclinded to being rigid and stubborn, find it hard to change mind once it has been made up. Examples include Thomas Beecham, Robert Heinlein, Marconi.
5. Freedom, Variety - People with life number 5 are versatile, enjoy doing a wide variety of things. They become restless and impatient when they feel restricted in any way. They enjoy travel, excitement, anything that takes them outside familiar routines. They are quick thinkers and enjoy solving problems. Early in life, they tend to dabble, but once on a correct path, achieve a great deal. Always curious, enthusiastic, forever young at heart. Examples include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, Sir Issac Newton, Eva Peron, FDR, Mark Twain.
6. Home & Family, Responsibility - People with life number 6 are nurturing, caring, responsible, and capable of solving problems between others in such a way that everyone feels happy with the outcome. Examples include Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Lenon, Richard Nixon.
7. Analysis, Understanding - People with life number 7 need time by themselves to grow in knowledge and wisdon. They have their own special unique approach to everything they do and have great originality. But this also means they find it hard to make changes and adapt. Examples include Johnny Cash, Sir Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II, Mel Gibson, JKF, Oliver North, Lech Walesa, Andy Warhol.
8. Materialism - People with life number 8 enjoy being invloved in large scale enterprizes and are good at dealing wih money. They can be rigid, stubborn in outlook but have leadership capablities. Examples include Andrew Carneigie, Ginger Rogers, Pablo Piccasso, Barbra Streisand, LBJ, George Harrison, George Benard Shaw.
9. Humanitarianism - People with life number 9 are self-sacrificing, sensitive, caring people with a strong need to serve others. They may easily be taken advantage of by others. Examples include Benazir Bhutto, Jimmy Carter, Carlos Castenada, Harrison Ford, Mahatma Ghandi, Dusint Hoffman, Shirly MacLaine, Jack Nicklaus, Nelson Rockafeller, Albert Schweitzer, Patrick Swayze.
11. Idealism - People with life number 11 are visionaries and have access to unique ideas. Dreamers rather than Doers. However, extremely capable at what they do; can achieve anything. Examples include Hans Crhistian Anderson, Harry Houdini, Beatrix Potter.
22. Master Builder - People with life number 22 can achieve anything, have a great deal of ability but need to channel it constructively. Examples include Lenny Bruce, Bill Gates, Elton John, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Margaret Thatcher.

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Further analysis using the digits of day of birth are based on incidence of those digits on a 3x3 grid:

3 6 9
2 5 8
1 4 7

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